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Urban Fantasy (and other) Book Reviews

I have always been an avid book reader. I have read many, many books. I thought I would share some of the better books with you.

Currently, I am reading a lot of urban fantasy, and that also ties in with the theme of the Mistrealm site, so we may as well start there.

As an experiment, I am creating this as an open wiki so that you may put in your own book reviews and share your comments.

Update. I tried leaving this wiki open in accordance to the wiki philosophy of making public edits as easy as possible, and naturally, I received countless fake users and spam pages, and I have yet to see a single legitimate user. I am therefore rejecting the wiki philosophy as false. Greed is destroying the internet. I will now have to put barriers in place to make sure that only real (mythic) internet users can gain access to edit here.

Due to unrelenting spam attacks, I will be deleting this wiki page.

Update. I am trying a different anti-spam module. Maybe it will help?


I often have the urge to sort and organize things, so here are a few references to help.

Durability Scale (Marvel database)
Our vampires are different (TV tropes)
Strength Scale (Marvel database)
Weight classes (TV tropes)


Author name
Series Name
Weight Class