Author Chloe Neill


Chicagoland Vampires

This series starts off slowly, but by the time book 2 or 3 came around, Caroline Evelyn Merit finally comes into her own.


Supposedly Very Strong, but there is a lot of evidence to support this in the books. It is possible they are referring to endurance, rather than raw strength.

In practice, probably Iron Weight (1).

Combat (hand to hand)

Iron weight (1), in training.

Combat (ranged)

Her one attempt at ranged combat was a failure. Maybe I missed something? Let me know.


Very resistant to charm, but no other skills noted, yet. Some potential exists for future development.

In this series, the sorcerers have a much higher weight level than the vampires. At one point while helping to contain a riot, Merit and Ethan Sullivan only manage to wrangle 5 humans between them, while their ally, the sorcerer Catcher Bell manages 38.

Some Girls Bite

This is the book where Merit first becomes a vampire, and we find out that her roommate Mallory has magic.

It does give you a feel for Merit's personality, but Ethan Sullivan (her eventual paramour) comes off as an annoying, out of touch jerk.

I was able to give Ethan more of a break on the second reading, and that made the book better. In spite Merit's first impression, Ethan is not an ogre.

Friday Night Bites

Twice Bitten

Hard Bitten

Drink Deep

Biting Cold

House Rules

Biting Bad

High Stakes (Luc & Lindsey Short Story in Kicking It Anthology)

Lindsey goes off without backup, she really should know better. Seriously, with age should come wisdom.

Howling For You (Jeff & Fallon Novella)

Fallon is tired of the speed dating scene that is required for her to become Apex, she would really just prefer to hang out with Jeff. Sadly, the arbitrary rules of the pack prevent her from doing both.

Wild Things

Not read yet

Blood Games

Not read yet


Creation and spread

Holy symbols, crosses, holy water, etc

No effect.

Our vampires drink

Our vampires eat

However much of whatever they want, including garlic. Merit seems to have an unusually big appetite, even for a vampire.

Our vampires have

Our vampires wear

Whatever they want, but seem to wear a lot of black. Merit tends to dress down, or wears her house uniform, or more often, her combat leathers. Ethan and other vampires tend to be dressed up most of the time.


Perfectly normal.


The improved senses are usually put under wraps in order to live in a city environment, but vampires can intentionally sharpen their senses as needed.

Relationships with others

Alliances with other vampire clans, but they come and go. Alliances with other supernatural races, but typically tense, and complex. They are publicly members of human society, but they are often feared, or not allowed rights that other humans have. Vampires swear oaths of loyalty to their house liege, but the oath is not magically binding. Betrayals happen.

Older vampires often have old money, and the perks that come along with it.

Relationship with the sun

Sun is bad. Can withstand very brief exposure, but even just a few seconds will leave third degree burns. Daylight brings lethargy, and sleep. A vampire can awaken during the day, if the need is great.

Silver? Iron?

No problems with any metal.

Special effects